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  • One Of The Absolute WORST Tinder "Dates"

    Posted Sep 23 by icybones

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      Okay. I have sat here for the past week or so trying to write an entry about all the insane shit going on; to update & let you all know I'm still kicking ass---somewhat. That's debatable.    Anyway. I Read More...

  • Updates: GTFO Boy

    Posted Aug 22 by icybones

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      Greetings & salutations after once again not writing for a bit. I shall fill you in on the mess my life is in this nice entry.    Let's go.     So if you've read my most recent entries th Read More...

  • Food for thought

    Posted Aug 17 by EndOfPain


    At the moment there is no point for telling you whether it was Sophie or Katy, if something really terrible happened or not, and at what point in time i could trust them. Psychosis is the essence of your problem ( Read More...

  • About enduring the torture for this long

    Posted Aug 13 by EndOfPain


    (today, not believing a word of this is of no importance) The purpose of going through this torture for this long is a have a whole series of superopen en honest 'talks' about despair, mutual pain, mutual despair, Read More...

  • Does He Have Herpes???

    Posted Jul 29 by icybones

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        Unholy hell...do I have an entry for you. After reaching out a few times to Jay to check in, despite his terrible treatment of me & accusing me of giving him some STI/D & lying about being clean because.. Read More...

  • Police i have something to tell you

    Posted Jul 21 by EndOfPain


    To start: figure out for yourself if this is another bullshit post or not. Fine if its stays thay way for now. But i thought it was the right time to post this. And this is the last thing i post here. Take it as bulls Read More...

  • SALTY AF ahahaha

    Posted Jul 18 by icybones


      Man, I have got way too good at knowing when a storm is about to hit in relation to the guys I "think" could maybe be something more than friends in the future.   I am so fucking salty right now. I'll get Read More...

  • I Hate Guys

    Posted May 19 by icybones

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      Just kidding...I don't hate males! But..you do frustrate me!    I don't know why I feel the need to apologize all the time about my sharp increase in going days or weeks without writing for you all he Read More...

  • Feelings

    Posted Mar 24 by Alexio


    Everyday around quarter past three, you burst into the bathroom searching for me, I get hidden by your mother while you are away, hidden, unused for most of the day, I feel your anger as your hand grips me tight, I' Read More...

  • Voice

    Posted Mar 18 by Alexio


    If you scream and no one is around to hear it. Do you make a sound? Do you even exist? When you feel so useless and tired can't think of what to do or what's the point. You scream scream every last frustration out till i Read More...